Wednesday, 29 August 2007



A small series of manipulated family photographs

In essence all of my work begins with reference to personal and family history -

Sometimes overt -

Sometimes more opaque or obscure -

For me memory is a vital resource, even though it is often unreliable and fragmentary -

Obscured by the clouds of time -

For all of us the family photographic archive is a window on the past and a key to remembering - Proof that we exist and are connected -

Linked to the flow of time -

As recordings of family events, usually recalled as happy occasions, birthdays, weddings, a new car and the like, photographs serve as an adjunct to memory - Communal experience of ritual and tradition - Collective memory -

Helping us to own the past -

Often these images are captured with haste, quickly, before the candles are blown out or the smile vanishes. Subsequently they are often awkwardly framed, badly lit - Off kilter - For me this adds another dimension which, in these images, I am attempting to emphasise by selecting even tighter croppings and bringing attention to hidden or easily ignoreable details on the edges, marginalised - Exploring a barely extant landscape with indistinct tools - Faulty memory and the fact that I did not take the photographs in the first place -

Rejected: Through forgetting -

Re-collected: Through remembering -

Projected: Through editing and recombining -

Simon Hope
August 2007

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