Sunday, 20 May 2007



Big Block said...
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Anonymous said...

Whilst reversing the car yesterday I ran right into a ballard causing a slight dent in me bumper and a mild commotion in me trousers.

Anonymous said...

this looks like it would feel if you were to get passengers blood in your eyes from car crash. have you considered doing it as like a super long panel of several metres? along a wall or floor?
man it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I was thinking it would look spectacular on a billboard on the street.

Preferably close to a scrapyard,

or A+E dept,

or an airport.


Anonymous said...

There is a "stronger" version of this but I hesitate to publish it here.

Maybe it'll end up on a gallery wall, maybe not.


Anonymous said...

totally like the A + E thing, like it almost tells the doom story for you. do you know what else would look good with it? and I'm going out here on a limb...neon. Odd neon strips (as say where the yellow is) here and there say fleshmetalsexdeath to me, it says it to me while making hula hips. keep them comming man.